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Xenon Flash Tubes Quartz xenon flash lamp IPL lamp Inserting Type Xenon Flash Tube Terminal less Fluorescent Lamps Transformer Trigger Coil
Quartz xenon flash lamp IPL lamp
Products name :Quartz xenon flash lamp IPL lamp
  • Xenon Flash Tube is a Xenon-filled, impulse-discharge tube dedicated to the production of intensive flashes and shots. Electrical energy is stored in a capacitor and converted into flashing light by an adjustable time-firing device.
  • They are already being used in photographic related equipments, emergency beacons, automotive timing lights, advertising displays, disco stage lights and many other applications.
  • Its main categories include: Linear-shape, U-shape, Ring-shape, helical shape and also with different colour coatings.

Quartz flash lamp had been widely adopted in beauty industry. The intense pulsed light(IPL) emitted by the lamp is ideal for skin treatment and hair removal. it's strong performance is also used in professional studio lights.

A variety of quartz flash lamps will satisfy various needs for application.We can supply varied products for medical purpose,studio lighting,copier printing purpose,UV hardening purpose,and so on.Any types and shapes are available (6-20,ring type,U-shape,etc.)

    products style :
linear Quartz Xenon Flash Lamp
IPL Lamp
Linear Xenon flash tube/Quartz flash lamp
Ring Quartz Xenon Flash lamp
U Type Quartz xenon Flash tube
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