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Xenon Flash Tubes Quartz xenon flash lamp IPL lamp Inserting Type Xenon Flash Tube Terminal less Fluorescent Lamps Transformer Trigger Coil
Terminal less Fluorescent Lamps
Products name :Terminal less Fluorescent Lamps
  • Glass tube is small and slim in size. Diameter generally in use includes 2.5mm, 2.6mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm and 6.0mm. Length varies from 45mm to 500mm.
  • No electrode terminal at both ends of the tube.
  • For different applications, metal ring and single end electrode is optional for connection purpose.
  • Without Mercury filled-in, well for environmental friendly concept.
  • Long life illumination up to 60,000 hours.
  • In addition to R (red), G (green), and B (blue) three wave phosphors, other colours are also available.
  • Various shape and assembling lamps are available.
  • Constant or moving light effect can be achieved by means of coordinating with appropriate inverter and circuit design.

    For special lighting and illumination products.
    Advertising display, brand name, logo, or decorative instruments.
    Automobile decorative lightings, etc.

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