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Flash Tubes Xenon IPL Lamp
Products name :Xenon FlashTubes, FlashLamp, IPL Lamp
  • Xenon FlashTube/Flashlamp is a Xenon-filled, impulse-discharge tube dedicated to the production of intensive flashes and shots. Electrical energy is stored in a capacitor and converted into flashing light by an adjustable time-firing device.
  • They are already being used in photographic related equipments, emergency beacons, automotive timing lights, advertising displays, disco stage lights and many other applications.
  • Its main categories include: Linear-shape, U-shape, Ring-shape, helical shape and also with different colour coatings.


xenon flash tube for security signal xenon flash lamps for Photography flash tubes for aircraft, boats, emergency vehicles

xenon flash tube for photosensitive printing flash tubes for high speed testing IPL flash lamp for deplilation, beauty treatment

U- type Xenon Flash Tube


   Ring-type xenon flash tubes:

   Helical type xenon flash Lamps :

   Colour-coating xenon flash Tube
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